Tamra Engle Bio:

"Tamra; when you reach into your heart something magic happens"
-Martin Page Producer

Tamra Engle has a career in music that spans more than twenty-five years. She started out fronting the all girl punk rock sensations The MsFits, which led to, among other things, opening gigs for the Go-Gos.

She has worked as a studio musician in Los Angeles and toured the country in several incarnations. Now Tamra has decided to focus on her superb songwriting skills. Two of her recent compositions have already been picked up by SHOWTIME for a brand new movie titled Dead End Street.

She is also wowing the Bay Area with her live acoustic shows. If you get a chance, come check one out. Her songs and voice are familiar, yet incomparable. Her songwriting idols include Bruce Springsteen, Amy Ray, Patti Smith, and Chrissie Hynde, which will give you a little insight into her sound. Tamra is now showcasing her songs that are now available on her latest release "The Blonde Flame Sessions".You can check out the songs themselves on her website,
www.guitartam.com, or http://www.myspace.com/tamaraengle Or if you are lucky enough to catch one of her live sets, come on up and say hey. I know Tamra would love it!

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