Tamra Engle News

October 21, 2007

Grammy Nominating Ballot News!

Today has been a pretty exciting day for me, receiving news that my CD
"The Blonde Flame Sessions" has been put on the Grammy Nominating
ballot for consideration in the Contemporary Folk Category for the
50th annual Grammy Awards (see the attached nomination sheet Category
69 entry 049).

The June 2006 release features 3 tracks produced by The Tubes
legendary guitarist Bill Spooner; and include songs that have been
picked up by Showtime for an upcoming movie as well as the American
Idol catalog.

As I first began writing the album my mother passed away. Love, loss,
and rebirth became my emotional themes for this project, and to have
the musical interpretation of these experiences given consideration in
the same company as many of my songwriting idols is an incredible

You have no idea how much I appreciate everyone who has come out to my
shows, emailed, called and taken the time out of your busy schedules
to support my projects!



View Grammy Award .PDF